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Physiotherapy For A Trigger Thumb

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Trigger Thumb Syndrome or trigger thumb can be a distressing condition leading to constant pain and loss of mobility in your thumb. But, why does this happen? Trigger thumb occurs when your thumb’s tendon sheath gets irritated and inflamed. One can also experience stiffness around the area and hear a popping or clicking sound while moving or bending their thumb. In extreme conditions, the condition also involves the inability to move their thumb freely and experiencing intense pain while doing so.

If you have landed on this article, you surely know or have experienced these symptoms of trigger thumb condition. If you hear a popping sound or are experiencing stiffness and pain while moving your thumb, then you should consult physiotherapy professionals in Leduc before starting any exercises or treatment program, so you do not cause more damage to your tendon, tendon sheath, ligament or your bones. Most physiotherapy professionals will suggest some easy, in-home exercises and primary care instructions. We have listed down a few of the basic care and physiotherapy exercises to help you get started:

Basic Care

Some of the things that you must do include gently massaging the thumb bone in a circular motion for about a minute and applying heating pads or ice packs around the area. Do these two things as much as you can comfortably. Don’t stress your thumb too much.

Splint Belts

Different types of splint belts are available in the market that you can use to relieve pain around your thumb area. Choose the one which is the most comfortable on your thumb and wear it for 4-5 weeks. A splint will give the support and the rest to your joints and tendons which they need, and will also avoid unintentional thumb bending while sleeping.

Flat-surface Lifts

Place your palm, facing the ground, on a flat surface like a tabletop. Spread the fingers and thumb out. While applying extra pressure onto your thumb, lift every finger up in the air. Hold the fingers, one-by-one, in the air for 5 seconds and put them down again. Repeat the same movement with your thumb. You will experience a little difficulty and pain while lifting and holding your thumb but eventually, the pain will subside and the exercise will help in strengthening your muscles.

Resistance Exercise

Bring your fingers and thumb together and put a broad rubber band around them. Now, try to move your thumb and fingers apart and try to push the rubber band outwards as much as possible. You should feel a resistance in your thumb while doing this. This resistance exercise will strengthen your thumb and also facilitate its free movement.

A trigger thumb can be the result of straining tendons near thumb bones which may happen due to the improper snapping of the thumb or due to holding something very firmly for a long time. The best way to get relief and restore your thumb’s mobility is by visiting the physiotherapy professionals in Leduc at Willowpark Physio & Health Clinic. A professional will suggest you the most effective solutions, medications and even surgery to remedy your trigger thumb ailment.

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