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3 Vestibular Rehabilitation Exercises For You

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Have you been diagnosed with vertigo? Do you experience occasional dizziness or loss of balance? If yes, then vestibular rehabilitation therapy can help you reduce the intensity of your symptoms and lead to the path of recovery. Vestibular disorders can cause havoc in your day-to-day life. Regular activities like driving, shopping and working can come to a standstill as the symptoms of your illness worsen.

But, with the help of vestibular rehabilitation in Leduc, you can retrain your body to function normally. It can improve your ability to perform activities of everyday living, reduce the risk of falling, and ultimately, improve your quality of life. Most techniques of vestibular rehabilitation in Leduc involve an exercise-based program. The aim of this program is to improve balance and reduce problems related to dizziness. Let’s take a look at a few exercises, your physiotherapist would prescribe in a typical vestibular rehabilitation session:

Habituation Exercises

You can do these exercises either in Bed or Sitting:

  1. Follow the movement of your finger with your eyes. Let your gaze follow every movement of your finger as it moves from three feet to one foot away from your face.

  2. The next exercise involves shrugging your shoulders and moving them in a circular motion.

Gaze Stabilization Exercise

These exercises are used to improve your vision and your ability to focus on a stationary object while the head is in motion. However, only a qualified physiotherapist can assess your condition and suggest the right exercises for you. Hence, it is recommended to consult an experienced physiotherapist before trying out any of the following exercises:

  1. This is a very simple exercise that can be done while either sitting or standing. All you have to do is look straight ahead, then turn your head to the left at 45 degrees. Hold this position for a few seconds, then turn your head to the right at 45 degrees. Then, repeat this entire exercise 5-6 times.

  2. Another popular gaze stabilization exercise is swaying back and forth. First, bend forward and move the center of your body backward with your toes up. The next step is to bend backward and move the center of your body forward with your heels up. Repeat this movement several times.

Balance Training Exercise

Balance training exercises are integral to any vestibular rehabilitation therapy program. One of the most common symptoms of vertigo is a sudden loss of balance and these exercises help in improving this symptom.

It is best to start off with simple balance training exercises. The first one is the single limb stance. To do this exercise you need to stand behind a steady, solid chair and hold on to the back of it. Then, you need to lift up your right foot and try to balance on your left foot. Hold this position for a while, then do the same steps with the other foot.

These were a few exercises that can be done at home to help improve your symptoms. But, for a long-term solution, it is recommended to visit a good physiotherapy clinic that offers vestibular rehabilitation in Leduc.

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